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Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

We take great pride in providing excellent training across all areas of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. By working with us you will be able to complete the vast majority of the competencies of the core curriculum. We also provide almost all the Advanced Training Skills Modules (ATSMs).

Faculty - Dr Ilias Giarenis
Dr Ilias Giarenis(RCOG Tutor)
Faculty - Dr Gautam Raje
Dr Gautam Raje(RCOG Tutor)

Foundation Programme Training Directors

We are rolling out the 60 hours teaching model, new for 2019-20. This includes more simulation training that ever before, and virtual reality training for the first time. The inclusion of new technology in training, alongside our new simulation suite, gives us the chance to practice things in a safe environment like never before.

Faculty - Dr Charles Bircher
Dr Charles Bircher(FPTD)
Faculty - Mr Suhas Kumar
Mr Suhas Kumar(FPTD)

Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health

There is an extensive postgraduate and undergraduate teaching program within the department. As part of the postgraduate teaching we have an excellent Sim training which runs once a month. As we are affiliated with UEA Medical School and have medical students arrive for one month of Secondary Care teaching three times a year, there is ample opportunity to get involved with teaching and training undergraduates.

Faculty - Dr Supriya Bhoo-maiah
Dr Supriya Bhoo-maiah(RCPCH Tutor)
Faculty - Dr Vivek Kalra
Dr Vivek Kalra(RCPCH Tutor)

Royal College of Ophthalmologists

NNUH is one of the larger units on the ophthalmology rotation in the Eastern region and we continue to ensure our trainees enjoy a high standard of clinical and surgical training.

Faculty - Dr David Spokes
Dr David Spokes(RCOphth Tutor)

Royal College of Emergency Medicine

We are a busy and vibrant ED where you will gain a wide range of clinical experience in adults, paediatric and older persons EM. During training there is time allocated for audit, QIP and as a higher trainee management experience. We are also recruiting to nationwide research trials in EM.

Faculty - Dr Francoise Sheppard
Dr Francoise Sheppard(RCEM Tutor)
Faculty - Dr Tarek Kherbeck
Dr Tarek Kherbeck(RCEM Tutor)

Royal College of Anaesthetists

Excellent training opportunities in a supportive but busy department. Almost all Specialities have Consultants with special interest who can guide you with training and research requirements as needed. The more you are interested the more opportunities we can find for you.

Faculty - Dr Ravi Kare
Dr Ravi Kare(RCA Tutor)

Royal College of Surgeons

There are a wide range of busy surgical specialties on site including; General Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Urology, Plastic Surgery, ENT, Thoracic Surgery, Orthopaedics and Paediatric Surgery. There are currently 14 Core Surgical Trainees at the NNUH in all of the aforementioned specialties including the High Dependency Unit.

Faculty - Miss Claire Edwards
Miss Claire Edwards(RCS Tutor)
Faculty - Mr Irshad Shaikh
Mr Irshad Shaikh(RCS Tutor)

Royal College of Physicians

Norfolk & Norwich offers a wide range of medical specialties, formal teaching, hospital grand rounds, simulation and VR training, and practical procedures in skills lab and supervised training lists. They also offer in-house courses for PACES, IMPACT, ALS, and a MRCP programme for trainees approaching their written exams.

Faculty - Dr Vidya Srinivas
Dr Vidya Srinivas(RCP Tutor)
Faculty - Dr Prasanna Sankaran
Dr Prasanna Sankaran(RCP Tutor)

Royal College of Radiologists

The Norwich Radiology Academy is one of three radiology academies set up to help increase the number of radiologists across the country. The Academy model of training has a very clear focus on training, and even service provision is structured in a way to facilitate training.

Faculty - Dr Hameed Rafiee
Dr Hameed Rafiee(RCR TPD)

Royal College of Pathologists

The great thing about pathology is that you have to have a working understanding of all aspects of medicine and surgery to do your job properly. It will reward anyone with an interest in many specialties and those with a curious mind, who like to get to the bottom of a problem.

Faculty - Dr Sophia Neda
Dr Sophia Neda(RCPath Tutor)


I am a consultant in Critical Care and Anesthesia and the Simulation Lead for the Trust. Our faculty come from a wide range of experienced educators and we will support you to undertake formal courses, join our faculty or facilitate sessions.

Faculty - Dr Suhas Kumar
Dr Suhas Kumar(Simulation Lead)

Virtual Reality

Dr Jordan Tsigarides (MBBS, MClinEd, FHEA) is an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow in Rheumatology based at the NNUH and UEA. He is the Virtual Reality (VR) lead for the trust and has been responsible for the creation and delivery of immersive content to healthcare professionals.

Faculty - Dr Jordan Tsigarides
Dr Jordan Tsigarides(Virtual Reality Lead)


An effective leader can make a dramatic difference to the culture of an organisation and how it performs and can translate into better outcomes for patients. Dovetailing with undergraduate leadership training, we offer a comprehensive programme including aspects from the NHS Leadership Academy Edward Jenner course for Foundation doctors, Introduction to Leadership for Emerging and Aspiring Doctors (ILEAD) and Developing Clinical Leaders Masterclasses for ST3+ for those moving towards Consultant roles.

Faculty - Mr Utsav Reddy
Mr Utsav Reddy(Leadership Lead)

Flexible Training Champion

The champion of flexible training role was created as part of the junior doctor contract negotiations in 2016. The aims of the role include creating a shift in culture within the NHS, to give trainees more flexibility, and to offer them support as they carry out their training and other commitments.

Faculty - Dr Matthew Roe
Dr Matthew Roe(Champion of flexible training)

Education Leads

ENT – Andy Bath / Peter Tassone (ST3+),, Michael Wickstead (core)

Paeds – Milind Kulkarni, (Core)

Thoracic – Jakub Kadlec (ST3+), Filip Van Tornout (core),

Urology – Edwin Ho, Edwin Ho (core), Stuart Irving (ST3+)

Vascular – Wissam Al-Jundi (core),

Plastics – Richard Haywood –

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