Foundation Programme Training Director

Foundation Programme Administrator - Sue Cheng
Foundation Programme Training Director

Written by Dr Charles Bircher, Foundation Programme Training Director (FPTD)

What inspired you to take the role?

Having been part of the second year to go through the new Fy1 and FY2 posts in 2006, I have seen the programme grow. Having the opportunity to be involved with it and continue this development is an honour. I have been interested in teaching throughout my medical career, and getting to potentially influence doctors right at the beginning of their training is really exciting.

What new teaching developments /programmes running or intending to?

We are rolling out the 60 hours teaching model, new for 2019-20. This includes more simulation training that ever before, and virtual reality training for the first time. The inclusion of new technology in training, alongside our new simulation suite, gives us the chance to practice things in a safe environment like never before.

Synopsis of the department?

The Foundation Programme here is well established and supportive. We aim to deliver high quality teaching in a safe environment while developing clinical skills with exposure to a wide range of presentations as expected for a University Teaching Hospital.

What it has to offer?

We have two new Foundation Training Programme Directors, including myself, appointed 2019, so this is an excellent opportunity to be involved with new ideas in training.

What are the advantages of trainees coming to us?

We are a forward-thinking department, always open to new ideas of how to develop training. The Norfolk and Norwich is a large University Teaching Hospital with opportunities for all, while being a friendly place to work at, situated in an exciting city.

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