Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCA)

Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCA)

Written by Dr Ravi Kare, Royal College of Anaesthetists

What inspired you to take the role?

I have been guided by good mentors as a Student/trainee and I hope to be able inspire a few more doctors to take up Educational role. Professor Richard Griffiths at Peterborough hospitals, My anatomy teacher from medical school and a Biology teacher from Secondary school have all been my role models.

What new teaching developments /programmes running or intending to?

Virtual teaching. With the difficulty to get a good work-life balance and less that full time training, I do not think all/many of the trainees will be able to gain from the wealth of teaching/training opportunities available and hence using Video recorded with Online hosting of the lectures/discussions will be useful for seem less access to the resources from anywhere and at a convenient time to the trainees too.

Synopsis of the department?

Friendly, Supportive and Busy

What it has to offer?

Excellent training opportunities in a supportive but busy department. Almost all Specialities have Consultants with special interest who can guide you with training and research requirements as needed. The more you are interested the more opportunities we can find for you.

Come Challenge Us.

What are the advantages of trainees coming to us?

Trainees bring a wealth of knowledge from other Hospitals which will help us improve our standards and to measure ourselves against others within the region. They also bring new ideas and thinking which is necessary in a progressive department.

What extra can we offer?

As a department, opportunities in all special interest areas like Intensive care medicine, Airway, Vascular anaesthesia, Thoracic surgery, Obstetric anaesthesia, Pain Medicine, Regional Anaesthesia and very soon Research opportunities with a new Academic Clinical Fellow post. We also offer Post CCT fellowships in the above areas for trainees interested in reinforcing their experience and build higher expertise in these fields.

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