Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health (RCPCH)

Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health (RCPCH)

Written by Dr Supriya Bhoo-miah, Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health (RCPCH)

What inspired you to take the role?

I am very passionate about education and training and keen to support the development of a rich and safe training environment for the trainees. I like the challenges that come with the job and keen to find solutions to improve neonatal training in NNUH.

Watching a trainee succeed gives me immense pleasure and am keen to deliver high standard post-graduation medical education and training. As a college tutor I strongly feel I could make a difference and make NNUH a unique place for trainees and make their placement as seamless as possible.

I also feel this would be a very good opportunity for me to help support my consultant colleagues and help them see the rewards of supporting and developing trainees.

What new teaching developments /programmes running or intending to?

The department is enthusiastic about providing excellent training in Neonatal Medicine.

There is an extensive postgraduate and undergraduate teaching program within the department. As part of the postgraduate teaching we have an excellent Sim training which runs once a month. As we are affiliated with UEA Medical School and have medical students arrive for one month of Secondary Care teaching three times a year, there is ample opportunity to get involved with teaching and training undergraduates. We also have an active academic department with involvement in national and international studies. If you express an interest, it should be possible to involve you in a research project.

Synopsis of the department?

Our NICU is a busy tertiary neonatal unit which hosts one of two paediatric surgical units in the East of England.

We have 42 cots divided into ITU (9), HDU (6), SCBU (22), Transitional Care (5).

What it has to offer?

At NNUH, we have a strong team of permanent staff including consultants, Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioners (ANNPs) and nurses as well as Allied Healthcare Professionals. ANNPs have been integrated on the ’Medical‘ rota for over 15 years adding to continuity-of-care at handover periods as well as providing an excellent source of information and support for new starters in NICU. As well as having a Consultant educational supervisor, each new starter is ‘buddied’ with a NICU nurse and ANNP and they are encouraged to use this support network to help them settle in the unit.


Consultants – 8 WTE consultants,

Tier Two – ST4 and above – 6 with 3 Senior ANNPs

Tier One – ST1-ST3 – 5 (including 3 clinical fellows) with 5 Junior ANNPs

Foetal Medicine Department: A specialist referral centre for Foetal Medicine means close working relations with the obstetric team.

Neonatal Outreach Team: 3 senior nurses provide an outreach service allowing for early discharge of babies as well as ongoing monitoring of complex infants at home.

Paediatric Surgical team: 6 consultants, 2 specialist registrars, 3 middle-grade clinical fellows, 1 ST1-ST3 in Paediatric Surgery. One of two paediatric surgical teams in the East of England.

Other paediatric subspecialties: Neurology, Respiratory, Rheumatology and Allergy Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Orthopaedic Surgery, Paediatric ENT, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Paediatric Anaesthetic, Plastic Surgery.

Allied Healthcare Professionals: Bliss Family Care Coordinator, Speech and Language therapists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, occupation therapists and Dieticians

Specialist outreach clinics by visiting consultants: in Cardiology, Endocrinology, Genetics, Neurology, Oncology, Nephrology and PKU/Metabolic

What are the advantages of trainees coming to us?

  • NICU at NNUH is a great department with lots of enthusiastic consultants, ANNPs and nurses who all really care about babies’ and families’ well-being as well as your training.
  • Approachable team
  • Wide-ranging pathology and interesting cases
  • Lots of opportunity to improve procedural skills
  • Excellent learning opportunities within multi-disciplinary teams e.g. weekly Gastroenterology and Surgical Ground Rounds
  • Affiliated with UEA Medical School and Nursing School: excellent opportunities to teach undergraduates in ward-based and seminar teachings
  • Encouragement to participate in audits, guideline development, governance and research projects. Trainees have opportunities to present their work in national/international meetings

This is a great job to practice all those practical skills that you want to learn. You will get lots of experience in intubation, ventilation, long lines, UAC/UVC, CrUSS, prescribing TPN. We don’t expect you to arrive (or leave) as Consultant Neonatologists but by the end of your job you should have a good idea of how a NICU runs.

What extra can we offer?

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