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Prasanna Sankaran: Consultant in Respiratory and General Medicine with subspecialty interest in Sleep and Home Ventilation.

Prasanna has worked in undergraduate and post graduate medical educational leadership roles for the last 3 years. Recently took on the role as deputy director of medical education.




Together they oversee the training and education in internal medicine and the medical specialties for our cohort of physicians in training – CMT, IMT, ACCS and higher specialty trainees. Norfolk & Norwich offers a wide range of medical specialties, formal teaching, hospital grand rounds, simulation and VR training, and practical procedures in skills lab and supervised training lists. They also offer in-house courses for PACES, IMPACT, ALS, and a MRCP programme for trainees approaching their written exams. Our training rotations often involve partnership with our linked trusts, James Paget University Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn.

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