Simulation suite

Simulation scenarios are very effective, immersive and interactive way to practice clinical scenarios

NNUH Simulation Centre

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital Simulation Centre is a development which allows multi-professional and inter-disciplinary learning that simulates a wide variety of very realistic medical scenarios.

Our aim is to improve patient safety through teaching and training, with research methods being developed to provide us with tools to reduce clinical error.

Virtual Reality/ 360 Video – Engaging, Interactive, Real Life Emergencies

Our Virtual reality simulation is immersive medical scenarios for multi professionals to practice managing patients without risking lives. Our fully immersive VR wards and emergency rooms can do anything you would do in real life – allowing total freedom to practice managing acutely unwell patients. Formative feedback and detailed performance analytics after each scenario can be consolidated to improve performance and ultimately optimize patient care.

Try out our VR Video - click play and drag the video to look around. This will give you an idea of what it is like training with a VR headset.

Click play and drag the video to look around

Simulation CAE

We are committed to improving clinical education and patient safety through simulation base training. Our goal is to improve clinical competency and performance, and develop evidence based curriculums using the latest innovative learning technologies within health education.

With our Simulation Centre we have specialized educational tools that will help all healthcare professionals provide safe high quality patient care.

Our CAE Apollo adult patient simulator features advanced airway management, CPR analysis, tongue swelling and bronchial occlusion, responsive chest compressions, catheterization and removable joints to support amputations.

This type of immersive training brings clinical situations to life for the students, creating a safe environment, focused on the effectiveness of team working, communication, leadership skills and human factors.