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Our Technical Skills Lab is supported by NANIME

The Technical Skills Laboratory (TSL) Room 8, located next to the Library, is a specialised clinical teaching resource, used to facilitate and enhance the Trust's "Skills Training" Programme. The TSL's specialist training equipment and technical support is funded by NANIME.

Courses/Training held within the TSL cover a wide range of Surgical, Medical and Dental areas.

The Lab Newsletter

A fortnightly look at what's happening in NANIMES Technical Skills Department

Issue 5: 19/02/21

COMET Course (Core Medical Emergency Training using Simulation) – 15 February 21

This course took place over at centrum on the 15th February by Prasanna Sankaran and Suhas Kumar.
The COMETS course is a full day of simulation training in the recog-nition and management of acutely ill patients for core medical train-ees.
It Develops your team-working and leadership skills using realistic medical emergencies in a safe, non-judgmental environment using high-fidelity simulation equipment. The course is aimed at CMTs in their early training to prepare them for acutely ill medical patients that they will encounter both on call and during routine work.
Our CAE Apollo High fidelity Manikin was used for this course within our sim suite.

Hands on Endodontics Course (Dental) – 11th February 2021

The Technical Skills lab hosted an Endodontics CPD course for Dental Practitioners. Shashi Mishra, a special-ist endodontist in private practices and experienced in delivering hands on case based, and didactic endodontic education, presented the course.
The course aim was to understand the key principles in endodontic assessment and diagnosis, and using biologi-cal approaches to chemo mechanical preparation and ob-turation of the root canal system.

More news…

NANIME have just bought another Kavo Dental simula-tion unit for the Technical skills lab, which means we can now cater for 13 delegates on future dental courses. Complete with slow and fast drill pieces, air and water, these units can be used for restorative to surgical dental procedure courses.

The Technical Skills Department is now situated over at the Bob Champion Research and Education Building. Feel free to come and visit and we can see what courses we can help you with. Just ask at reception or alternatively, call Neil Redpath (Technical Skills Manager) on EXT 1047 or 01603 641047

Equipment Spotlight

Laparoscopic Trainers

The trainer consists of laparoscopic torso with its own camera and dis-play units with LED moni-tor.
Thanks to a movable cam-era it is possible to change a visual angle of an oper-ating space. One side of a trainer’s covering dome is trans-parent, the other side is covered by metallic foil. This arrangement ena-bles training in two modes.
Basic mode – allows absolute beginners to con-trol training of laparo-scopic instruments under the direct eye control.
Advanced mode – the control of an operation space is possible only by means of the display on a screen. This mode pro-vides a perfect simulation of a real laparoscopic op-eration to more advanced surgeons.

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    • Basic Surgical Skills
    • Laparoscopic Training
    • Orthopaedic Fixation
    • Chest Drain Placement
    • Department Induction/Training
    • Gynae Cyst/Ectopic Training
    • Foundation/CST Training


    • Endoscopy Training
    • Lumber Puncture Training
    • Paracentesis Training
    • Ultrasound Scanning
    • IV Cannulation
    • ABG Training
    • Foundation/CMT Training
    • Midwifery Training
    • HCA Training


    • Restorative Crown & Bridge
    • Endodontics
    • Nurse Training/Extended Duties
    • Foundation Dentists Training
    • Periodontal Training
    • Occlusion Training
    • Rubber Dam Placement
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