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Our Technical Skills Lab is supported by NANIME

The Technical Skills Laboratory (TSL) Room 8, located next to the Library, is a specialised clinical teaching resource, used to facilitate and enhance the Trust's "Skills Training" Programme. The TSL's specialist training equipment and technical support is funded by NANIME.

Courses/Training held within the TSL cover a wide range of Surgical, Medical and Dental areas.

The Lab Newsletter

A fortnightly look at what's happening in NANIMES Technical Skills Department

Issue 2: 30/11/20 - Restorative Dentristry Course and Simulation Sessions

Restorative Dentistry Course – Foundation Dentists

A course for Foundation Dentists taking place on 25/11/2020

Dental Foundation Training is carried out in the Technical Skills Lab (TSL). Experienced general dental practitioners who have an ability to teach and help new dentists are appointed as Educational Supervisors (ESs). They employ new dentists in their Training Practice, and provide the Foundation Dentists (FDs) with a fully equipped surgery, a dental nurse, and patients. During this time , they are released to attend a certain amount of lecture/practical based courses which usually takes place at the BCRE and the TSL. Satisfactory Completion of Dental Foundation Training is mandatory for a full listing on the NHS Dental Performers List.

Restorative dentistry courses consists of learning techniques to keep your mouth healthy and fully functioning. Dental fillings, implants, dentures and crowns are covered in this 1 day practical course. The skills lab is set up to simulate a dental surgery as much as possible on the day, and equipment such as microscopes, x-ray machines, oral cameras etc. are available for use.

The Technical Skills Lab houses 12 Kavo Phantom Head units which include electronically controlled patient positioning, integrated water supply and suction, and fast and variable speed drills. Used primarily for restorative work, different teeth and attachments can be purchased to make the unit an all round learning tool.

The Week Ahead

Foundation Doctors Simulation Sessions

Over in our sim suite at Centrum, we run simulation courses for our Foundation Doctors. The suite has a high fidelity Manikin (CAE Apollo will be featured in the next newsletter) situated in a room with 2 way mirrors. A live broadcast of what happens in-side the room is transmitted to the external TV in the main room for non participating doctors to view what is happening. The manikins condition can improve or deteriorate dependant on the treatment received.

What’s New?

NNUH has been selected as 1 of 6 trusts in the region to pilot run a new multiplayer scenario on our VR sets. The Interprofessional scenarios (IPE) allows 2 doctors on different devices to work together in the same scenario to assess and diagnose a patient, and also up to 30 more doctors are able to look in as observers using their own headsets. Although at the minute there’s on-ly 1 scenario available, it seemed to work well, with the odd glitch that you would expect from pilot software. More scenarios will be made available in the new year.

Equipment Spotlight

Nasogastric/Nasojejunal Feeding Trainer


  • Measurement, placement and securement of nasogastric and nasojejunal tubes
  • Insertion of gastrostomy device
  • Tube misplacement into left or right lung
  • Measuring pH of stomach aspirate
  • Enteral feeding via nasogastric, nasojejunal and gastrostomy devices
  • Administration of liquid based medicines

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